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14. Multi-Dimensional Universe Tattoo This tattoo skillfully uses shading to bring the lines, shapes, and dimensions to life. Its a small back piece that is ideal to be placed right below the neck. This popular tattoo is an attention grabber and you can bet your.

The arrows that crosses each other takes its inspiration from badges and family crests making the tattoo stand out in all its glory. 21. Light Shade This fantastic tattoo makes the best use of gray shading to create images that look like leaves and flowers.

22. Mandala Split Piece Tattoo If you want something really cool, its going to hurt a lot. But the pain will be well worth in once this tattoo is complete. This split piece tattoo is essentially two identical tattoos on each foot creating one big.

Top 50 henna foot designs
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This tattoo is ideal for those who dont like to draw attention to them but enjoy spirituality and tattoos. Further, this tattoo makes the best you of skin tone and shading to create depth and a 3D effect. Its a great Mandala tattoo for those.

23. Mandala Elbow Tattoo Tattoos located near the bone are going to hurt like hell, but why not do it when you can get an excellent tattoo like the Mandala elbow tattoo. This Mandala does not depend on geometry or hundreds of lines, but instead.

This tattoo is both simple and intricate, but dont let that fool you as it will take hours of hard work to get this tattoo. If you do decide to get this piece on your body, put it in a place where everyone can see.

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