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The study tests disclaimer schemes using a mixture of currently approved SSA health claims and allowed QHCs. SSA claims in this study discuss the relationships between soluble fiber and heart disease and stanol and sterol esters from vegetable oil and heart disease. The claims meet.

The two other schemes assessed in the study employ SSA claims modified so that they conform to the structure of qualified claims within each scheme. In Scheme 2, SSA claims include a disclaimer about the level of scientific evidence. These SSA claims are prefaced by.

In Scheme 1, health claims meeting the SSA standard are authorized by FDA and may be displayed on products without the use of qualifying language (i.e., they are unqualified claims). Claims not meeting the SSA standard may be allowed by FDA but must feature language.

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4 The following section presents graphs of the means for the various dependent measures, tables of the results of planned comparisons, and a discussion of the implications of those results for the effectiveness of each scheme against the performance standards. 3 Kapsak WR, Schmidt D.

(2008). 3 Click on the following link to see. Table 1. Products and Health Claims Used in the Study. C. Evaluation of Schemes to Convey the Level of Scientific Evidence for Health Claims. Derby and Levy (2005) put forth three performance standards against which disclaimer.

Respondents could elect to view and use the additional information on the back label such as the Nutrition Facts, if desired, by clicking on a link. The questionnaire used closed-ended questions about the respondents rating of scientific evidence about the health claims, and perceptions about.

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Watch - Table Study design photos video

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