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Surya Heirloom HLM-6001 Area Rug

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The Best Plant Stand for Every Type of Plant

If your plant collection is one of your favorite parts of your home, then a stylish plant stand (or two, or three) should definitely be on your list of home must-haves. After investing in a pretty ceramic or terracotta pot to house your succulents, ferns, and snake plants, ordering a plant stand that will put these beautiful plants on display is essential. Whether the goal is to elevate a large house plant so it can be enjoyed closer to eye level, or to set a trio of plants on different levels to add visual interest and create an attractive display, a stylish plant stand has the power to transform an entire room.

The Best Patio Furniture for Every Type of Outdoor Space

Ready to turn your outdoor space into an extension of your home? The right patio furniture is the first step. No matter what kind of outdoor space you have—whether you're lucky enough to have a huge backyard or just a teeny-tiny balcony—this beautiful patio furniture will help you make the most of it. From an adorable (and affordable!) bistro set that can fit on a snug balcony, to a large cushioned set that would look lovely poolside, these five options make any outdoor area summer-ready in five minutes flat.

As if we didn't already love Anthropologie, its new bedding collection features fun prints and designs that'll make your bedroom the most stylish room in your house—making us love the bohemian brand even more. And until August 1, you can score 20% off bedding, pillows, and rugs!

7 Brilliant Drawer Organizers to Sneak in Extra Storage Space

If your junk drawer is overflowing with collected odds and ends and your kitchen drawers are a jumble of every cooking gadget you've ever owned, it's time for a mini makeover. Just think how much time and frustration you'll save searching for that missing pair of scissors or spatula if you transform all of the cluttered drawers in your home into organized storage spaces. And making the change is easier than you think. The first step: investing in a drawer organizer or two that will help keep everything in its place. From dividers that separate spoons from forks, to a tray designed just for stashing jewelry, these clever drawer organizers will help sort out even in the most chaotic drawers in your home.

We picked the top products we've got our eyes on for Cyber Monday. The Shark Ion Robot was high in demand last year, but it's still on a lot of adults' wish lists—including ours. We're also watching some new products like Amazon's home line that just released several new smart home devices. Read on to discover our other must-have Cyber Monday deals.

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Surya Heirloom HLM-6001 Area Rug
Surya Heirloom HLM-6001 Area Rug images

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2019 year - Surya Heirloom HLM-6001 Area Rug pictures

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Surya Heirloom HLM-6001 Area Rug forecasting photo

Surya Heirloom HLM-6001 Area Rug photo
Surya Heirloom HLM-6001 Area Rug pictures

Surya Heirloom HLM-6001 Area Rug Surya Heirloom HLM-6001 Area Rug new pics
Surya Heirloom HLM-6001 Area Rug new picture

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Watch Surya Heirloom HLM-6001 Area Rug video
Watch Surya Heirloom HLM-6001 Area Rug video

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