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This means the child is also tall enough that the air bag will work as intended. Putting on your seat belt may seem like a simple and sometimes pointless task, but we assure you that you'll feel differently if you're ever in a car accident.

Sounds simple enough. Things dont just start or stop moving on their own. Theyre gonna keep doing their thing until something (a force) changes that. In the case of a vehicle, its movement is usually stopped by the friction of brakes. Isaacs always laying down.

As a starter point, kids under 13 should always ride in the back seat. Even with proper child restraints, kids are just too small to ride safely in the front seat. This is mostly because airbags aren't meant for child passenger safety. Car seats.

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Seat Belts NHTSA

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Use a Seatbelt and Wear it Right : BuckleUpNC. org

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Child Carseat Safety FAQ - Car-Safety. Org

This is scary, we know! But wearing your seat belt can help reduce this number. See what good old Isaac Newton has to say about the physics involved. Isaac Newtons First Law of Motion. According to this law of physics, also known as the Law.

More Driving Topics Select a Topic Types of Driver Licenses New Vs Used Cars Vehicle Financing Auto Insurance How to Organ Donation Checklist for Approaching Your Vehicle Why You Should Wear Your Return to Main Page Wearing your seat belt is legally required and for.

Because the Law of Inertia applies to you whenever youre in a vehicle (also all the time, but thats beside the point). Your body is traveling at the same speed as the vehicle even though youre just sitting on your butt. If the vehicle stops.

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