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It attracts a ton of attention, almost as if youre wearing a halo. And once you go blonde, you can never really go back because there will always be that person who says, often unsolicited, I liked you better blonde! While I was platinum in.

Its better to spend the money and come out with the hair you wanted than mess it up yourself and have it fixed. The most important thing to have in your platinum kit is a good purple toning shampoo. Ive tried enough to know that.

This stuff is not bleach, just toner. You mix one part (read: bottle) to two parts developer (20 vol. is what I used) and it turns a lovely shade of violet. Apply it to your hair for a few minutes (I went six or seven.

How to go blonde platinum
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How to go blonde platinum best photo

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The violet in toners counteracts that ugly stuff. I am a wheat blonde again, but I still throw Shimmer Lights into my rotation a few times a month to brighten my overall tone. The only downside: it stinks. Just use a heavily scented conditioner to.

I cannot stress this enough! I used plenty of different maskseven the 1.50 Palmers Coconut protein pack from the drugstore. You shouldnt wash your hair very often when its that pale (use a sulfate-free shampoo if you can so try to do a mask with.

If you hair is curly, wear it curly. Keep in mind that excessive bleach can change your hair. I noticed a slight change in my wave patterns after my platinum days were over. When your hair looks lackluster, get a glossing treatment. Usually theyre about.

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