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How to Accept Intelligent Design of the Cornea

Three Methods:

Is it true that all cells are supplied with life-giving oxygen from the blood system--well--No!This will explain why not.
Could it be that accident was involved, and does it make sense to believe that "mother nature" which is imaginary (like the spontaneous formation of the eye is imaginary... like spontaneous beginning of life origins from chemicals without a plan, and not from a mother cell). Or, does it seem more logical that there were some intelligence--a source of ability and power--as planner, guide and in ultimate control of the impossibly simultaneous innovations that were needed for even one living cell to exist or multicellular life to have organs like the eye. The cornea (and successful, reproductive life itself) logically would not exist withoutintelligent design(ID), from the perspective of creationism.


  1. Examine your knowledge to decide how to accept that there may be only one system in all the processes or your bodily systems that does "not" receive oxygen from the red blood.What a coincidence--orintelligent design. The retina and all around the cornea has a rich blood supply.
  2. Look from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.So did or can you name even one system that is not supplied with blood to keep it sustained with life giving oxygen... Of course, even the lungs have a necessary profusion of blood vessels.

Analyze the possibility of an exception

  1. Seek a unique exception that exists of using blood to supply oxygen!It may be a very special reason.
  2. Consider and analyze a unique, unparalleled event in creation of the eye or body... How or whether you can find that "one" exception! It evidently is very special!
  3. Understood (or find and read an explanation) about respiration to support living tissues using red blood cells--such that as you breathe, the oxygen goes throughout "all" parts of the body even to the eye, i.e.: the retina has a very rich supply of capillaries to feed those cells to make sight possible. See whether if makes sense to you how it is possible thatnored blood cells go to only one living part of the body.
    • "Yes!" itdoesneedoxygen.
    • That tissue is alive, but does not get oxygen from the red blood and hemoglobin (or from any other form of blood).
  4. Examine how cells and tissues of your body are otherwise served by hemoglobin, a biomolecule that can temporarily bind to oxygen (the blood's color is due to the red color of hemoglobin in the "red blood cell.")wikipedia:Red_blood_cells

Understand "You Would Be Blind If Blood Permeated the Corneal Tissues"

  1. Think about being blind if red blood cells could and did spread into the corneal tissues.You wouldnotbe able to see at all.
  2. Notice visible light wavelengths can not penetrate the relatively gigantic red blood cells that would interfere with the transmission of light to the retina in the back of the eye.
  3. See what you think about this:
    1. "Blood does not go to the cornea, due to its function."But, mother nature originally would have no provision or plans about that. It couldn't see any problem, of course.
    2. "Well, the cornea can never have oxygen delivered by the bloodstream."
    3. "Why must the cornea get its oxygendirectlyand not using the heart, lungs and blood.
  4. Consider whether this was a coincidence -- or that it was an ingenious part of theplanto enable the cornea to get its oxygen supply directly from the air.

Understand the Corneal Structure and Function:

  1. Realize that the cornea has its own private breathing ability, not using the lungs and blood vessels:
    • The Cornea is composed of 5 cell layers: Epithelium, Bowman's Layer, Stroma, Descemet's Membrane, and Endothelium.
    • The cornea protects the rest of the eye from foreign material and germs, but it also acts as the eye's outermost lens, focusing the entry of light into the eye.
    • The shape of the cornea contributes part of the eye's total focusing power!
  2. Think about this--if the cornea did not exist at all or did not have 100% functionality, then the the rest of the lens area (iris, etc.) of the eye would lack protection from air and foreign matter and would also lose much of its focusing ability!
  3. Think about this:the rest of the eye couldn't wait for the cornea to clear up. It would have no reason to exist.
  4. Analyze why the worthless blood fed cornea could have waited for the eons (billions of years) that it would evidently have taken for the cornea to become clear (transparent) if it had blood supply--as the eye and cornea never would have had any value at all otherwise because it would be un-sighted (if red blood had supplied the oxygen as with every other part of the vertebrate)!
  5. See if you agree that the cornea had to be created in very narrow manner to differ from the rest of vertebrates receiving blood throughout.
  6. Consider and explain this:
    • "The body would only use unknowing; unthinking; unsighted evolution to figure out that blood could not be used to feed the eye its oxygen."
    • "That mindless system would learn how to not send blood to the cornea."
    • "What a stroke of genius by an uncoordinated, unmanaged system called Darwin's or Evolutionary Theory (or not...)".
  7. Deduce whether it is by mere chance that the cornea is the only living, tissue in the entire body to be totally separately supplied with oxygen.Not through the lungs!

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    If the eye is created intelligently, why are human eyes relatively imperfect compared to those of cephalopods, who have a greater range of vision and no blind spots?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Some creatures eyes are made to fit the conditions those creatures live through.
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  • The only known vertebrates that would not have theproblemwith erythrocytes (red blood cells) are the "crocodile icefish" (familyChannichthyidae) that live in oxygen rich, very cold water and transport free-oxygen simply respirated into the blood without the red hemoglobin, another example showing ID, since it didn't need it, in its designed environment... All other known vertebrates use hemoglobin in the erythrocytes which incidentally also carry some waste productcarbon dioxidefrom the tissues; most of the carbon dioxide is transported asbicarbonatein the blood plasma, to be released from the lungs. Wikipedia: Red blood cells
    • The color of erythrocytes is due to the heme group of hemoglobin. Blood plasma alone is straw-colored, but the red blood cells change color depending on the state of the hemoglobin.
    • When combined with oxygen the resultingoxygenatedhemoglobin is scarlet, and when oxygen has been released the resultingdeoxygenatedhemoglobin is darker, appearing bluish through the vessel wall and skin. Either way it would have made the blood supplied cornea worthless.
  • Blind fish, with or without functioning eyes, living in dark caves or the fact that amphibians such as frogs may absorb air through non-oily skin do not change this matter for the cornea; those can show ID, from the perspective of intelligent design/creationism.

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