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The proof of these horses being bred and domesticated over 2000 years ago can be found in the excavations sites where the Vikings were buried.

The height of the Fjord horses ranges from 13.1 to 14.3 hands. These weight of these horses ranges between 880 to 1210 lbs. These horses have some unique features which help us easily identify this breed amongst the rest. These horses have a distinct and.

Other Names Norwegian Fjord Horse Description The mountainous regions of Norway are the home of the Fjord Horses. This breed of horses is small but very strong because the horses developed in the midst of rough terrains in the mountains. This breed of horses is.

Horse Fjord jumping pictures
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2019 year for girls- Horse Fjord jumping pictures

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Horse Fjord jumping pictures catalog photo

Fjord Horse pictures and information

For easy grooming and maintenance the mane is cut short so that it stands erect. They also have certain amount of feathering on their legs. These horses are very silent creatures that are eager to please their owners. Due to their sober nature, these horses.

The body of the Fjord horses is muscular and compact. These horses have medium sized heads with a straight or dished profile and carry a wide forehead. The eyes are big and the ears are small, but alert. They have a neck that is well.

They can plough fields and pull timber. They are used to help people with disabilities. Children use these horses for riding. These horses were also used for transportation over mountainous terrains during the Second World War. These versatile animals are also used in various competitions.

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