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Healthy diet for healthy breastfeeding

The breastfeeding mother must consume extra nutritious diet. Since she has to give up her body nutrition to the baby while breast feeding, the same should be replenished again. Otherwise, mother’s health will be deteriorated which in turn can lead to health issues of the baby. You need to know about series of healthy diet that will keep both the breast feeding mother and baby away from all diseases. The pediatricians and nutritionist prescribes a list of food that must be strictly followed during the lactation period. New moms are not aware of many simple factors after giving birth to a baby and going through the breast feeding phases. They wonder about how they will be affected by the breast feeding of the baby. You can eat and drink healthy food and liquids. It is better to avoid spicy and junk food at least for few months when you are breast feeding your baby.

If the mother is healthy, her child will be automatically healthy. In order to keep your infant free from all types of diseases all you have to do is proper breast feeding. The milk production should be adequate so that your baby does not suffer from starvation. Mothers should always be complemented with the healthy diet that include all types of vitamins, minerals, protein and everything that is required for both the mother as well as child. Let us find out such diet that will initiate healthy breast feeding.

Healthy diet for breast feeding with health

Balanced diet

Top foods for breast feeding

Breast feeding mother must have balanced diet which contains right amount of all nutrition such as vitamins, irons, minerals, dietary fibers, good fat and carbohydrates. It is very important to have proper food with chart prescribed by the doctor. Sometimes the mother becomes careless and does not feed herself with adequate food. But, this will give a drastic affect on the mother’s and baby’s health. While your baby is breast feeded, all your energy and stamina will be extracted. It is better to have small healthy meals repeatedly. The healthy snacks can also be considered.

Salmon for breast feeding mother

Just after baby is born, the new born mother need to shoulder in a lot of responsibility. The first tasks start from the health of baby. Since she is feeding her breast milk to the baby, it is important to intake all types of nutritional food. Salmon is such a healthy food which is also known as nutritional power house. This is loaded with DHA which is very good for the brain health of your baby. It helps in development of nervous system of your baby.

Lean meat

Both mother and baby would require enough protein in their body. Thus, lean meat like poultry chicken is a good food that will bring health to the baby and mother. This also have good amount of iron that is very good for the pregnant lady. The energy level that is drained from the mother due to breast milk consumption of the baby can be replenished with the iron content in the lean meat. Even the nursing mother would require extra protein than the normal lady. Thus, consumption of lean meat is important.


How to lose weight while breastfeeding

Some of the fruits also work in a wonderful way for the nursing mother. If you can consume simply the blue berries fruit, it will be fine. But, if you cannot consume it simply make a juice out of it and start drinking. This is loaded with vitamins that will provide you with good energy level throughout the day. Even if you are feeding your child with your breast milk, it works absolutely well to replenish your body strength. Since blueberries are loaded with good amount of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates, getting energy is for sure.


Vitamin C present in Orange is very essential for the skin of both the mother and baby. This will also help boosting energy level in the nursing mother. As compared to pregnant ladies, the nursing mother requires more vitamin C as the baby is getting directly the food that is consumed by the mother in the form of her breast milk. If you don’t have time to sit and peel orange to have the fruit, better make juice when you are free and drink it simply. You can have a glass of orange juice with your breakfast or sometime in noon.


Even legumes are treated as one of the healthy food which is consumed by vegetarians. It is bean type substance that is exactly the shape of kidney. It is loaded with good amount of iron that is essential for the nursing mother. If the nursing mother falls among vegetarians or have no mood of having non vegan item, the legumes can be one of the wonderful food items for them.

Brown rice

Best healthy diet foods

It is important to have rice in meal so that the nursing mother gets energy from carbohydrates along with filling the belly. Even among the category of rice you must be choosy. Yes, the brown rice can be a wonderful consideration which is very essential for both the child and the mother during the lactation period. If your baby has put up weight, it is important to curb some of his or her weight as maintaining weight right from the first day can keep the baby healthy even when she is grown up. Not only during the nursing period, can you even continue consuming brown rice after you have stopped breast feeding. This will maintain your overall health and will keep you in good shape.

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are always considered as good for health for people belonging to age ages and stages. Now, this too is very healthy for the nursing mother and her child. These green leafy vegetables include broccoli, spinach, Swiss chard etc. These are loaded with all types of vitamins and irons that is absolutely necessary for you in a large scale. These are loaded with antioxidants which will remove unwanted disease creating oxidants in your body.


Tendency among the nursing mother is not drinking water frequently. But since they are feeding their baby, it becomes really difficult for them to stay hydrated without drinking water for a long time. If you don’t drink water in such a period, this will even effect your milk production. You must drink at least 2-3 liters of water in a day to stay hydrated even when you are feeding your baby with the breast milk. Water will even keep your skin free from wrinkles and glowing.

Egg for breast feeding mother

Importance of breast feeding

The nursing mother requires good amount of protein and minerals. Egg is one among the healthy food item which is filled with protein. The boiled egg has benefit for both mother as well as children. Egg itself is packed with variety of nutrients such as vitamin A, Vitamin B12, folate, calcium, zinc, phosphorous. It also contains 5 grams of healthy fat along with 6 grams of proteins. Thus, it is good for nursing mother to consume 2-3 times in a week.


Yogurt is one of the milk products which is in condense form to suit the dietary needs of every individuals. It is very beneficial for the nursing mother as this include high protein content. The thick texture of the yogurt with its sour and sweet taste will be among the favorites of the nursing mother. The nursing mothers who are really conscious about their gaining weight will get double benefit from it. One is the health benefit another will be weight loss.


If you are the nursing mother, there are many food ingredients which you must intake on a regular basis. Almond is one among the wonderful variety of nuts that is filled with healthy poly unsaturated fibers and fats. Every nursing mother must have it in an adequate quantity so that both the mother and baby stays healthy throughout the day. You must have 4-5 almond nuts everyday in order to stay healthy along with your child. Your child will get healthy nutrient after you consume these nuts regularly.

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Healthy diet for healthy breastfeeding
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Healthy diet for healthy breastfeeding pics

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Watch Healthy diet for healthy breastfeeding video

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