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This is a normal process. At around 6 months of age (usually the first groom) you will see their coat colour look more clear and even, in colour. By one year of age you will pretty much have their finished coat colour. Of course reds.

As you can see the red poodle on the right has held their dark red colour and their pedigree is majority dark red. An experienced red breeder that owns dark red poodles will be able to know if the puppy produced should be a dark.

"Zoe" - Lightest Apricot."Dixie" - Dark Apricot/Light Red."Conan" - Medium Red."Blaze" - Darkest Red (Sorry Bijou Poodles can no longer produce light apricot and very rarely can produce dark apricot or light red) Breeding for Dark non-fading reds is difficult as there are a few.

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Apricot is recessive to Red Cream is recessive to Apricot, Red. Light Red at 6 years of age. Dark Red at 6 years of age (VERY RARE ) All colours will fade "to a degree" how much, depends on pedigree and genetics. Real reds will.

People panic when they first get their "dark red puppy" from us, because they see light variations within the coat. But people do have to realise that Poodle coats are not buckets of paint. Fur and human hair alike, have many highlights and lowlights within.

Poodles do go through a "coat change" at around 6-9 months and then around a year the Poodles have a "coat change over" it is every show breeder's nightmare because of course this is when we start to show at 6 months of age and.

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