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Age:I'm a gurly teen:)

Location:Where do I live?? I live on Earth!! I'm a proud citizen of Earth!!

My experience with wikihow:

I have had A LOT of experience with wikihow!! I use to have an account here a while ago, but then I took a break for a while, and I decided to come back!! I would still be using that account...but I forgot the password to it and lol I wish that I hadn't!! I think wikihow is a wonderful, inspiring, and educational website and I TOTALLY love it!! I have met NICE and MEAN people here at wikihow and I LOVE them all!! The thing that I love most about wikihow is how you can type something in the tool bar and in seconds you have answers to all of your questions!! That is soooo AWESOME!! If you need any help...please do not hesitate to contact me on my talk page! :)

Things I love to do:go shopping, go to the movies, spend time with family and friends, paint my nails, pamper myself, take showers, jump on my trampoline and do flips:), swim in my pool, watch tv, go on computer, play with my pets, help others, read, write, and LOTS of other AWESOME things!!

Wikihow Articles That I Have Written:

My Links:

Things I LOVE to do on Wikihow:

  • Patrol Recent Changes
  • Edit Articles
  • Welcome New Users
  • Help Others Out!!

Video: 15 year old magician has an awesome dry sense of humor

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