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 On the other was a scene which could only be interpreted as a pictographic account of an Indian encounter with a mammoth as described in a 1972 NEARA Newsletter article by Richard L. Greene.  The Lenape Stone, named after a local branch of the Delaware.

Perhaps, like Rainbow Rock, with its offensively anomalous elephant image, it was neglected by mainstream scholars, who thereby consigned more of our countrys prehistory to oblivion.

Lewis, whose lifes work is preserved on microfilm at the Minnesota Historical Society Museum, in Saint Paul. In their hasty dismissal of the Rainbow Rock elephant petroglyph as a forgery, conventional archaeologists may have yet again condemned a possibly valuable insight into North American prehistory.

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Written by Tom Anderton. Originally published in Ancient American magazine issue #83. A rock shelter near Van, Pennsylvania known as Rainbow Rock features the carvings of snakes, a human figure, apparent bird tracks and dots, as described by. The Pennsylvania Archaeologist (Vol. 42, No. 3.

The site was covered with profuse rock art when first described by the French explorer, Blenville De Celoron, in 1749. Although he did not copy the inscriptions, they were still in tact more than one hundred years later, as confirmed by the famous antiquarian, Henry Schoolcraft.

30, No. 2, Gettysburg. Leo T. Sarnaki Carnegie Museum Photographer, concurred in this opinion, as did the half dozen others with whom I visited this site. While Swauger and company are correct in pointing out that pre-Columbian Indians used stone tools, their assumption that the.

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