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Designer rihanna foto
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I feel like shes a little edgy, and all of the clothes that I make I can see her in them. When did you first know you made it as a designer? I still havent felt like I made it, and even though Rihanna wore.

Jan 26, 2017 @ 3:20 pm By. Kayla Jackson Tizita Balemlay, better known as @theplugsdaughterr, has managed to take the fashion industry by storm in just one year. At the age of 22, Tizita has been able to start her own clothing line, PluggedNYCS tore, while still.

I wanted to have everyday girls because I feel like especially now, the real models are social media models. Those girls are the most relatable, so I just got a few girls together that are all social media influencers and I just got a whole.

Designer rihanna
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To acquire Designer rihanna pictures trends

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I would always, like even when I was in high school do like really weird things with clothes, me and my sister both would. We would dye them or cut off the arms of things, we would even make like our sweatshirts ourselves and  our dad.

We really have it down pat as far as making the garments then getting them on celebrity clientele. I also feel like my brands aesthetic is causing a lot more attention and the people that Im using as models all have a significant social media.

I think social media is the reason why my brand is even where its at right now, honestly. Before I used to tell people social media is not life and it really isnt, but it honestly can change your life. Especially with the generation that.

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to wear - Designer rihanna video

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