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Designer diwali diyas

Why do we light diyas on diwali / deepavali day? No diwali without diyas because Diwali is the festival of lights. The actual celebration of diwali starts in the evening with Lakshmi Pooja. People decorate their houses with lights, candles, oil lamps and diyas and invite prosperity into their homes. Diwali is the largest hindu festival celebrated in India with lot of joy. An earthen lamp with cotton wicks and oil is the traditional way people use to follow to light up the dark night. Now along with earthen lamps some more items got added like candles, diyas and electric lights for decorating the windows and houses on diwali day.

The festival diwali is observed on amavasi which is called as darkest day according to Hindu lunar month (No moon day). Lightning of lamps and diyas on diwali day is a significance of removing spiritual darkness and gaining realization. Shop online for best designer diyas for diwali. There is a wide range of unique designs in diwali diyas out in the market. Choose the best from below collection and decorate your homes with nice modern diyas.


Here is the set of six decorative diyas which are handmade with earthen clay. Different colors are used for painting each diya. Diyas are shaped neatly by Indian skilled artisans. Every diya is adorned with lotus design. Since these diyas are small you can place them at the edges of the windows, doorstep, garden, balcony walls and even in lakshmi pooja on diwali. You can decorate the diwali rangolis with these diyas along with flowers and colors.


This four set of red diyas are designed in nice lamp shape. Red and gold are the colors used for painting this earthen clay diyas. These diyas are perfect to place in lakshmi pooja or in between the diwali rangoli. The dark colors diyas always shines. Light up these red decorative diyas by putting cotton wick and oil. Gold accented border on the diya edges provides a unique look.


The set of two pot shaped designer matki diyas for diwali festival. Light up your diwali evenings with these designer diyas. Handmade unique design diwali diyas buy online. These diyas come with glitter wax inside along with wick. These diyas would be great choice for diwali decoration.


This handcrafted diwali diyas are having a mix of age old artisanship and contemporary style. The floral wax inside the diya adds a unique touch to the diwali diya. 470grms is the weight and 25cm is the height and 3cm depth. Terracotta is the material used for making of these set of diyas. The set contains 12 diyas with floral wax in it.


Though these wax diyas look small but gives bright light. This set contains 10 wax filled clay diyas with pink lace design around it. The diyas look very traditional and simple. 40grms is the weight of each clay diya.


Red and yellow is the color combination given to each diya. The wax inside each diya is shinning in red color. These are best to use as a decoration on diwali festival. Lighting of this diya gives a bright red shade and the pot down looks bright. It is completely handmade diya with wax in it.


Make your home more beautiful on diwali day by decorating with handmade designer floating diya. This floating floral diwali diya comes along with 5 floating flowers. This diya can be used in two ways either float in water or use on table/floor as decoration purpose.


These diyas are completely handmade which are beautifully decorated with kundans around diya. This set of floating kundan diyas consists of six diyas in different colors blue, red, yellow, green, light blue and violet. These diyas lights home beautifully.


This floating diya is completely handmade with kundans. Sure this diya going to attract everyone. It is a perfect décor for diwali festival. Diya is designed with white kundans followed by red kundans which looks amazing.

Handmade painted earthen clay designer diyas for diwali decoration


Usually people use seasame oil for lighting the earthen clay designer diyas because it gives positive energy. Adding cotton wick and seasame oil the designer diyas looks great and brings a joy. Place these earthen clay oil diyas at doorsteps, balcony and windows on diwali day and welcome the spirit of joy. Lets see some handmade painted earthen clay decorative diyas and oil lamps.

Handmade earthen clay decorative diyas, oil lamps for diwali pooja


This impressive diyas are handmade from clay by skilled artisans from India. This clay diyas are painted with pooja leaves inside and outer colors may vary. These diyas are best to use for decorating the homes. Diyas designs represent the tradition. Use handmade cotton wicks to place in diyas and add some oil to see the light of diyas. You can get this diyas for low price.

Art with emphasis traditional diyas for diwali


These colorful diyas are made with material terracotta. Diyas are designed in shell shape which is the symbol of god venkateswara. Inside of diya we can see the “OM” symbol which is very powerful. Along with these 4 diyas you can get 4 cotton wicks. The item size is 8*6.5*2 cms. Gold border and white OM adds a unique look to the diya. It is perfect for worshipping the god with these diyas.

Leaf shaped handmade earthen clay decorative designer diyas


This handmade earthen clay diyas come in four colors. These are designed in leaf shape and coated with different colors. Diya is decorated with silver and gold sequins and crowned with red rhinestone to the center of the diya. 3.75*3*1 inches is the diameter of each designer diya. The design includes natural earthen color to not miss the traditional appeal. The diya doesn’t require more oil.

Designer wax / candle diyas for diwali festival


Now a days people also preferring artificial diyas that are made with wax. Diyas plays a major role on diwali day. You can buy designer wax / candle diyas from shop else from online shopping sites. Lets see few designer diyas with wax inside it.

Terracotta diyas with wax for diwali festival / diwali pooja


Don’t you think these diyas are awesome? Yes these are designed with terracotta material in pot shape. And the pot is decorated with kundans and small holes in between. A white paint line on the top of the pot looks complete. The pot diya is filled with wax and wick. Four packed pot shape wax solid diyas are having dimension 5*5*5 cms. You need to handle them with care.

Diwali traditional square terracotta diya with wax


Here is the set of four terracotta material diyas in multicolor with wax in it. The diyas looks modern and trendy with its design. Square shaped diyas in red, green, orange and blue colors. Borders are nicely colored. You can add these wax diyas as decorative items in Rangoli.

Terracotta candle diya for diwali home decoration


Here is the set of 4 candle diya for diwali home decoration. These are tailored with terracotta material and painted in multicolors. Every candle diya is having glossy/matte finish which gives a traditional look.

Floating diyas for diwali home decoration


Decorative floating diyas for diwali festival. Floating diyas are usually designed with rhinestones, piece of foam or simply with wax. Decorating the house on diwali day with diyas is a great excitement. Usually people leave the deepam or oil lamp in water at the time of diwali festival. Now you can use these floating diyas for decorating the water pots in your home. Here are the few adorable floating diyas for home decoration. Start decorating your homes with floating diyas.

Wax floating candle diyas for home décor – Diwali decoration


Here are the multicolor floral floating diyas for diwali home decoration. Diyas are designed with floral wax candle, kundans and floating plate. Glossy and matte finish floating diyas for home decoration. The diya really looks amazing when floating in water.

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