22 Trendy and Tasteful Two Tone Hairstyle You’ll Love

Getting bored of your single ? Yeah, having your locks all one color is fine for awhile, but if you’re looking for a quick and trendy way to switch up your style, consider two toned locks!Two toned hairis super cool and very dimensional with a fabulous correlation of two exotic and intriguing shades blended dramatically into your mane. So cool, you’ll certainly fall in love with these tasteful andtrendy two tone hair colorand style ideas!

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Black n White

It’s classic like our beloved Oreo cookies, it’s exotic and bold like Cruella Deville; it’s the edgy and enticing black and white combination that instantly grabs our attention and holds our interest for minutes. Her avant garde look is bold and fabulous, with two enticing contrasting tones that are sure to take the show wherever they go. Paired with dark eye makeup and kissable pink lips, it’s an alluring appearance that any younger girl can enjoy.

Two Tone Hair - Hair Color Ideas for Girls

Pink/Purple and Black Half Updo

This exciting shade of purple is vibrant and energetic, playing perfectly off of the rest of her jet black locks. She complete her style with a unique half updo, showcasing those colors fabulously and giving her locks a bit of glam with loose curls on the ends.

Great Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

Platinum Pink- Straight Lob Hair Style

SO girly, SO CUTE! We’re loving this adorable, feminine two tone hair shade! She leaves her locksplatinum blondein the back with hot pink around the face with just a few blonde highlights scattered through. The look is fierce, yet feminine, and the color combination is downright flawless.

Bob Haircut with Pink Platinum Blonde Hair

Black on Top, White on Bottom

Another take on the trendy black n white duo, she chooses a more ombre route with darker roots and a white hot lower half. The shade is brilliantly bright and looks lovely in this shorter bob hairstyle. Keeping her mane sleek and straight, she creates an enticing and sophisticated style that’s artsy and chic.

Ombre Hairstyle - Blunt Medium Haircuts

Ringlet Browns and Blondes

Combining different shades ofbrowns and blondesis an excellent and SUPER easy way to add tons of dimension and color to your mane. She has darker patches, lighter ends, and loads of highlights and lowlights for a very sultry finish. The addition of ringlets is adorable and elegant, a great idea for fancy occasions accompanied by your favorite dress.

Layered, Wavy Haircut - Balayage, Shouler Length Hairstyles

White and Lavender – Ombre Hairstyle with Long Hair

A fairytale inspired look, this white and lavender combo seems as though magical fairy dust has been splattered all over it. It’s such a fascinating color combination and it’s delightfully bright yet wintery, making it a great choice all year round. Would look dazzling with darker shades of makeup and some sparkly white jewels.

Pretty Balayage Hairstyle for Long Hair - Blonde and Pink

Blonde and Silver

Grey is one of the hottest hair trends of 2019, and combining it with this luxurious shade of blonde is an excellent choice! The sultry silver ends add some serious shine and appeal, and those fabulousloose waveson the ends seal the deal. Such a glamorous lengthy style that is fit for a queen.

Gorgeous Two Tone Hairstyles with Long Hair

Blue/Purple and Black – Shaved Haircut for Short Hair

For my edgy girls out there who love to shake things up a bit, this is the perfect choice! It’s super funky yet trendy thanks to the uniquelyshaved sides, with an exotic faux hawk up top glammed up with some luscious loose waves. Tons of body, this fun and quirky ‘do gets spiced up with a charming blue/purple hue that’s both appealing and eye-catching. Talk about wild style!

Blue Pixie Haircut - Stylish Short Hairstyles

White and Purple Grey – Loose Long Wavy Hair

White and black may be cool, but what’s even more chic than that?! WHITE AND PURPLE GREY! Purple and grey are two hot shades for this year, and combining the two for a deep shade of grey is an awesome combo! White on top and this luscious shade on the ends, this is undoubtedly one of the trendiest hair color options on this list. Love the cute waves below, too.

Platinum blue such a unique color!

Dark Brown and Turquoise Blue

Looking for a rockin’ hairstyle with tons of unique colors? Consider this delightful mix!Dark brownroots are given a trendy and funky makeover with some cool turquoise blue highlights, with hints of sea foam green and energetic blues throughout. What a vibrant shade!

Shoulder Length Hairstyle for Green Hair

Black and Light Green – Short Wavy Bob Haircut

Green hair!? Sure, why not! In fact, we recommend it. Look how chic and funky this cool hairstyle is! She leaves her dark black roots up top, leading down to a slight grey shade, ending in a very vibrant and energetic hue of light green for an enticing finish. Throw some waves in the mix, tousle it up a bit, and plaster your lips with adeep purpleshade for a very edgy appearance. Don’t forget that leather jacket either!

Messy Wavy Bob Cut with Evergreen Color

White, Dark Brown, and Purple – Cute Straight Long Hair

A little bit on the ‘scene’ side, this color combination is an excellent option foryounger girlswho love to toss their hair to the extreme side. To really make that bold parting stand out, consider adding a delightful trio of colors including white platinum locks on one side, deep purple on the other, and dark brown bangs for a contrasting, wild look that can only be paired with your favorite black eyeliner.

Scene & Emo Hair

Black and Orange/Red

Talk about RED HOT. This look is nothing short of fierce and fiery, with black on top and an intriguing orange/red blend on the bottom. It’s wild and SURE to turn heads, being the eye-catching number that it is. Love the addition ofsuper loose curlsas well, taking this red hot look to a dainty and elegant level that can’t be ignored.

Neon Ombre

Grey and Sea Foam Green – Blunt Short Bob Cut

We’ve mentioned how extremely popular grey locks are, but another trendy color is none other than sea foam green. Combine these two hues for a super trendy and ‘out-there’ look that’s sure to turn heads.

Straight Bob Hair Cut - Grey and Green

Dark Brown and Grey Highlights – Medium Haircuts with Thick Hair

Take your two tone hair color idea to a more subtle level by leaving the bulk of your mane a delightfuldark browntint while adding some simple grey and blonde highlights throughout. They instantly perk up your style and add some brightness to your complexion.

Super Pretty Hair Color - Medium Haircut for Thick Hair

Brown and Lavender – Cute, Straight Long Lob Hair Cut

This subtle, yet very delightful combination features a mousy brown mane with lovely lavender highlights boldly placed from front to back. It’s not overbearing, making it a sweet and feminine combo that’s great forwomen of all ages.

Short Bob Hair Color Designes

Grey and Dark Auburn/Purple – Stylish Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

Looking for something delightfully funky and unbelievably chic? This is the look for you! Those shaved sides are edgy and trendy while the faux hawk up top is delightfully flawless and full of body. Her grey and dark auburn/purple shade is a lovely correlation of colors that’s both quirky yet stylish. Looks awesome with some skinny jeans and a plain white tee!

360 Pixie Haircut View - Shaved Short Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Black and Hot Pink

How rockin’ is this style!? Loving everything about this super edgy style. Her lengthy locks are left jet black and mysterious, but hiding beneath her mane is this fabulous and ultra-trendy shaved cut-out that’s doused in hot pink coloring for a very enticing finish.

Two Colors, Two Cuts

Black and Brown – Loose Wavy Haircut for Medium Hair

Just like black and white, this is another charming and CLASSIC color combination that’s more subtle than the others. It’s a beauteous color that looks great on darker skin tones, and the lighter shade of brown plays wonderfully off jet black roots. Add some brightness to your mane with some deliciouslight brown highlights!

Medium Curly Hairstyle - Black and Brown

Dark Brown and Hot Pink Highlights

An easy way to add wild style and dimension to your locks is to simply add some hot pink highlights throughout your mane! The end result? A vibrant style that’s bursting with color without going overboard. Love it!

Two-toned hair and styles

Blondes! – Ombre Balayage Hairstyle

Loving the two tone color trend but want to keep things subtle? Then we highly recommend considering anombre blonde hairstylelike this! Darker, sandy blonde roots lead down toperky platinum endsthat are stylish and bright.

Gorgeous Grey Ombre Hair - Straight Long Hairstyles for Girl Long Hair

Video: 22 Short And Medium Haircuts For Stylish Girls Compilation | Haircuts For Women

22 Trendy and Tasteful Two Tone Hairstyle You’ll Love
22 Trendy and Tasteful Two Tone Hairstyle You’ll Love images

2019 year
2019 year - 22 Trendy and Tasteful Two Tone Hairstyle You’ll Love pictures

22 Trendy and Tasteful Two Tone Hairstyle You’ll Love recommendations
22 Trendy and Tasteful Two Tone Hairstyle You’ll Love recommend photo

22 Trendy and Tasteful Two Tone Hairstyle You’ll Love picture
22 Trendy and Tasteful Two Tone Hairstyle You’ll Love pictures

22 Trendy and Tasteful Two Tone Hairstyle You’ll Love 22 Trendy and Tasteful Two Tone Hairstyle You’ll Love new photo
22 Trendy and Tasteful Two Tone Hairstyle You’ll Love new pictures

pics 22 Trendy and Tasteful Two Tone Hairstyle You’ll Love
foto 22 Trendy and Tasteful Two Tone Hairstyle You’ll Love

Watch 22 Trendy and Tasteful Two Tone Hairstyle You’ll Love video
Watch 22 Trendy and Tasteful Two Tone Hairstyle You’ll Love video

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