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Whether its a kung fu fight, car chase, or stair fall, most film fans can name a favorite action sequence that wouldnt have been possible without a stuntperson. These men and women, who arguably have one of the most dangerous jobs in Hollywood, have come.

The Originals. Image credit: Grant Koo. In the course of their work, stuntmen and women come as close to experiencing catastrophic events as one can without actually, well, going through them. Lamb says, I have hung by my ankle under a hot air balloon, leapt.

The blood comes pouring out and theres a big smoky hole in my shirt. Koo describes working on car hit scenes with a budget as a bit like being a kid in a sand box. Its kind of like were demolition, he explains. They tell.

16 Secrets Life
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Fashion style 16 Secrets Life for woman
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Abysm (2016). Image credit: Mack Kuhr Koo describes himself as a utility player, or a well-rounded performer skilled in all aspects of stunts. But even within that, there are certain areas he has gravitated toward. I like to do the fights, the falls, and the driving, he.

Grant Koo, a stuntman and stunt driver known for his work in. Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) and on the television show The Blacklist. I used to watch all of those cheesy kung fu movies on a Saturdayand beat the living crap out of my.

If you are lucky enough to get into that fight with Tom Cruise, Kirby says, you better be willing to suck. Koo confirms this. You dont want to showcase your skill unless youre the principal person thats supposed to win that fight. Youre there. to.

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